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the advantages of silicon calcium stone coating

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rankinite coating application examples at home and abroad: the white house, the pentagon, buckingham palace, the arab palace, germany's siemens headquarters in munich, germany, churches, subway station, the presidential palace in singapore, hong kong's new airport, hong kong, shanghai, olympic garden, etc.


since 1878, when the chemist adolf kelm issued by the king ludwig i of potassium silicate mineral coating patent up to now, one hundred and thirty years of history. from 1890 to 1895, in switzerland, germany, decorated with potassium silicate minerals of architecture is well. but durkheim mineral paint is a two-component, construction, materials, use very strict. then, the german chemists to durkheim coating was improved, in the seventy s invented the one-component "silicate emulsioni paint. as long as control the proportion of potassium silicate and latex resin, the coating is flame retardant or non-combustible. and my company independent research and development of one-component rankinite coating is silicate and a variety of natural mineral optimization combination of dry powder coatings. the coating typical advantages as follows:


1. the economy is good, resource is almost infinite; in the earth's crust, the oxygen content is 48.06%, silicon is 26.30%, for the elements in the nature of the presence of the first two. with rankinite as main film former rankinite coating, greatly reduces the dependence on petroleum chemical industry.

2. non-toxic environmental protection: polymer modified rankinite coating less harmful to human body with the traditional organic solvent paint, coating no matter in the process of production, shipping, construction, no allergic, impair the health of people and other creatures.

3. the anticorrosive mouldproof: coating itself is strongly basic, anti-corrosion, mouldproof, sterilization ability. in addition, the coating of metal ammonium can kill bacteria and inhibit the growth of moss.

4. dustproof self-cleaning: on one hand rankinite has certain hydrophilic coating surface, the coating surface has a certain electrical conductivity, due to electrostatic adsorption of dust relatively less organic coatings; on the other hand the surface of the silicide and atmosphere by the sun, will be "aging" as a rock, form a very thin pulverization layer, under the wind and rain erosion, make it fall off along with dirt, keep the daub surface clean.

5. acid erosion prevention: petrochemical reaction of silica, very stable chemical properties are not affected by acid erosion, can prevent atmospheric sulfur and acid rain.

6. solvent resistance, oil resistance is strong, coating pollution rate.

7. waterproof breathable: coating into walls, expanded crystallization reaction, reaction volume expansion of silicon crystal, fill to the basal microfracture and sand holes, produce good waterproof performance, waterproof performance conforms to the german din standards. at the same time, because the paint and wall body silicide reaction formation of the crystallite structure has good air permeability performance, is the wall moisture to evaporate fully, keep dry and wall body. unlike latex paint film has the condensate, make the film heat crack, bubble, the scales exfoliate.

8. excellent permeability, coating in the mineral base of 28 days, liquid potassium silicate seep into the base 0.5 2 mm deep, and combined with the mineral base reaction, form a kind of resistance to acid alkali silica, make the combination of coating and wall body strong. unlike building paint and latex paint only a skin membrane, and at the grass-roots level is only physical adhesion and part of the hydrogen bonding.

9. petrochemical works: coatings and wall belong to mineral matrix, have the same/expansion coefficient of expansion, and coating on the surface of the micro crystalline structure can reflect light and heat and to reduce the thermal stress of the building under, prevent building surface cracking and peeling caused by heat bilges cold shrink.

10. the film is hard wear-resisting, impact resistant performance: siloxane bond energy, organic polymer coating is better than (almost are carbon - carbon bonds) hard, impact abrasion resistance. the key combination of silicon and oxygen is siloxane bond, bond energy is very large.

11. good aging resistance, lasting color fastness: coatings fillers are used in the acid and alkali resistance, durability (i.e., weather resistance, ultraviolet radiation aging) high temperature resistant inorganic substances, can effectively prevent ultraviolet radiation, so the coating color lasting do not fade.

12. flame retardant or non-combustible: rankinite coating ingredient for inorganic minerals, has a good fire flame retardancy, unlike emulsioni paint or other coating of glue, burning in the fire and poisonous gas.

13. strong adaptability: rankinite coating applies to all mineral base, and be able to reinforce the hairline cracks and loose inorganic surface quality. and organic coating operation must rely on heavy alkali primer, but after a period of time later, once the primer has been damaged by the wall of alkaline, can cause pulverization, and sparkling, fall off.

14. super durability: the use of inorganic mineral coating confirmed that in any climate, don't need often besmear to brush, durable in more than 15 years, from the european project example, has been the use of more than 30 years experience.

15. the construction is simple, save artificial: construction demand only metope grassroots level off, do not need to be painted. and brush, roller coating and spraying are available and convenient finishing efficiency.

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