inorganic powder coating for inner wall n-b100


product characteristics: the main use of natural polymer molecules, natural inorganic powder and superfine mineral powder materials by surface activation process. has strong hiding power and adhesion, breathable waterproof set, in addition to tsuen drop benzene, alkali mildew, water resistant, flame retardant ability. is a kind of ammonia free non-toxic tasteless, water for environmental protection decoration products. after testing the release of voc is zero, is a coating of the live environmental protection products.

applicable scope: concrete, cement, gypsum board and other masonry structure surface. suitable for residential, hotel, hospital, school and other buildings external wall, ceiling and wooden decorative interval.

construction method: brush, spray painted round. the amount of 0.2kg per square meter.

packaging specifications: 12.5 kg per barrel.

storage conditions: in a dry and ventilated place, not damp. storage for 12 months.

inorganic powder coating for exterior wall construction technology

dry powder paint and wall calcification silicon into stone process for 40 days, during which avoid using hard scraping in front, so as not to affect the results.

wall powder coating construction technology

wall powder coating is a kind of natural superfine powder and polymer composition of the hydraulic inner wall coating paint, powder, non-toxic and tasteless, does not contain formaldehyde, not containing voc (volatile organic compounds), with filling, adhesion and excellent construction. it can penetrate into the internal wall of the mineral matrix is about 0.2mm, and the calcification reaction, the formation of acid, alkali resistant, can not burn the hard surface, and the wall permanently combined into one, not only has the function of breath, especially with other similar products do not have the sterilization and mouldproof function, interior wall paint is ideal. following the construction process:

a, primary treatment

the inner wall surface of the ash block, scum sundries eradicate surgery, remove the dust on surface, such as surface oil, cleaning agent and application of clean water.

two, two times with scraping putty

1, the application of rubber scraper scraping over full, smooth, uniform requirements of lateral scraping, dense formation, line angle and edge neat degree. try to not leak scraping, scraping thin, joints shall remain cha, pay attention not to pollution and other parts of the window frame, otherwise it should be cleared up.

2, second full guanizi methods for the first time with, to be dried and then putty with 280 sandpaper smooth, otherwise must be third times, fourth times, with 300w lamp side light wall or ceiling surface with sand paper polishing, finally use fine sandpaper to smooth quasi.

three, roller coating powder coating

1, powder coating ratio: powder coatings: water =1:0.9-1 (weight ratio)

(note: please refer to the ratio of the ratio of water, not excessive water. the inorganic slurry powder coating of paint with organic coating thick, this is a normal phenomenon, do not excessive water, so as not to affect the construction effect).

2, there must be someone responsible for the deployment of powder coatings.

3, powder coating and water in strict accordance with the requirements of the deployment, do not need more water, so as to avoid color.

4, water for drinking water.

5, the water after weighing all the added ingredients in the barrel, using hand-held mixer (less than 380 rpm) stir, placed 10 to 15 minutes, and then re mixing, can be used for about a minute.

6, powder coating dosage: 0.2 0.25kg/ square meters.

7, the construction should be carried out in the surface layer, dry cleaning, solid. with short hair or roll coated two times. the first time from down to up to second times smear, smear from right to left. then use rubber roller rolling again.

(note: do not use wool roller, rubber roller for rolling and smearing again, product appearance is more beautiful.)

four, storage

dry storage requirements, ventilation, prevent water drenching rain. such as material damp agglomerate, must be thoroughly dispersed to use. storage period is 12 months.

five, packing: 12.5kg barrel.

six, quality assurance

dry powder paint and wall calcification silicon into stone process is 40 days, during which avoid using hard clean walls, so as not to affect the results.

seven, matters needing attention

1, powder coating paste refer ratio, not to excess water, so as to avoid the film surface roughness, dust.

do not use hair roll 2, when construction, suggested by short hair or roll.

3, at least two times recommended smear, smear after the match with a rubber roller.

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