lightweight external inorganic powder calcium stone paint w-b300

product features: the main component of natural stone powder, superfine inorganic powder, mainly for the reaction of polymer and powder water and silicification are integrated, and the formation of network structure of silicon oxygen bond. the particularity of this product because of its raw material composition and film-forming mechanism, a latex coatings exhibit unique and obvious advantages, the price is high. real true meaning is to return to nature. we will be the principle of nature through the silica polymerization to restore rankinite, used in industrial, civil construction, let people have the feeling of returning to nature. and light to every square 0.6kg, greatly reduce the wall load, but life with concrete, the waterproof effect is extremely powerful than lacquer.

applicable scope: concrete, cement, gypsum board and other masonry structure surface. suitable for residential, hotel, hospital, school and other buildings external wall.

construction method: brush, spray painted round. the amount of 0.3kg per square meter.

packaging specifications: 12.5 kg per barrel.

storage conditions: in a dry and ventilated place, not damp. storage for 12 months.

the construction of dry powder coating process

when a wall powder coating of ultrafine powder, natural silicate and polymer composed of hydraulic wall coating paint, powder, filling, with excellent adhesion and construction. it can penetrate into the internal wall of the mineral matrix is about 0.2mm, and your reaction to form a hard calcified, acid proof, alkali silica surface can, not burning, and the wall permanently integrated, can effectively prevent the cracking and seepage surface, the external wall coating is ideal for processing. following the construction process:

a, surface treatment

1, insulation wall construction a cloth paste, should meet the "polystyrene (eps), old paint, imitation antique paint imitation of old paint, imitation of the old paint wall insulation in vitro engineering construction and acceptance specification" (db22/t278-2001) regulations.

2, the cement mortar base surface should meet the "construction quality inspection and assessment standard" (gbj301) regulations.

two, construction conditions

1, the construction of exterior paint should be in after passing the acceptance of base wall engineering.

2, before the construction of exterior wall paint, exterior door and window frame must be installed and acceptance.

3, the construction site should be electricity, water and keep finishing clean work environment.

4, the ambient temperature and the base wall surface temperature not lower than 0 deg c; the wind is not more than 5. the most appropriate construction temperature of 15 degrees c. --35.

5, the summer high temperature, not in direct sunlight under construction. wet construction.

6, the construction of exterior paint should adopt the artificial scaffold or basket, the wall should not be reserved holes and debris due to other construction.

three, construction method

1, a heat insulation wall cloth paste protective layer construction, 24h and 48h do dare to paint.

2, cement mortar wall construction for 3 days to do while for powder coatings; cement mortar cracking.

3, the number of dry sprinkle water evenly.

4, powder coating ratio: powder coatings: water =1:1 (weight ratio).

5, there must be someone responsible for the deployment of powder coatings.

6, powder coating and water in strict accordance with the requirements of the deployment, not many water, to avoid color. the ingredients required to complete within 2 hours.

7, water for drinking water.

8, the water after weighing all the added ingredients in the barrel, using hand-held mixer (less than 380 rpm) stir, placed 10 to 15 minutes, and then re mixing, can be used for about a minute.

9, according to the wall roughness to determine the 1 - 2 times putty fen zhaoping, powder coating applications and smear hair two times, the first time from down to up to second times smear, smear from right to left. then use rubber roller rolling again.

10, powder coating construction should be the dividing line, prevent joint wipe marks, affecting the decorative effect.

11, no rain within 24h after the construction of powder coatings. like rain, should be protective measures.

12, powder coating dosage: 0.3 0.4kg/ square meters.

four, matters needing attention

1, please refer to the dry coating mixing ratio, not to excess water.

recommended in 2, when construction of hair stick.

3, at least two times recommended smear, smear after rolling with a rubber roll over.

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